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Central London’s private, non-profit studio for open classes, rehearsals, auditions, filming and workshops, home to the organisations below.

  • Morton Bates
  • Ballet Black
  • idmn

Marylebone Dance Studio is not staffed.

It is managed part-time on a non-profit basis from 250 miles away in North Yorkshire. There is no staff, reception, enquiries, lost property or landline. You cannot telephone the studio.

Small is beautiful…That's why we're cost-effective and user-friendly. In short, Marylebone Dance Studio is a management-lite, 100% self-service dance facility!

You don't have to be a member to enjoy our open classes, which you book directly with the teacher, not through the studio. Check out the timetable in the Classes section.

Marylebone Dance Studio has no staff, no telephone, no enquiries, no lost property. You should find all details here on our regularly-updated website and you will also find contacts for all our teachers. You don’t have to be a member (and for only one or two of our Open Classes do you have to book in advance) so please contact your teacher direct for all further information about your open class. Enjoy!


(last updated 21st March 2015)

The studio reopened in May 2014 after major works, substantially redecorated and re-carpeted, with new windows, ceilings, water-pipes, radiators and central heating system. For regular weekly bookings, we currently have only limited availability: some early mornings pre-9.30am weekdays; 11am-6pm Fridays; 5.30-6.30pm Mondays & Tuesdays; and 11.30am-1.30pm Sundays. Check the Booking Calendar for weekday availability through to July, including some weekdays (especially Fridays and bank holidays), plus: 13th, 16th, 20th April, 19th-22nd May 2015.

Open classes are as usual. Please contact your teacher to check Easter variations. NB: Saturday Pilates is on break, resuming (new term) 18th April; No Yoga classes 20th to 27th March; no Lotte Berk classes 2nd-6th April; no Thursday Ballet classes 2nd & 9th April.

New Tae Kwondo class with Daniel Kobbina 8-9pm Tuesdays. All welcome.